Dear friends,

As you may know, the Orthodox Vision Foundation conference: For the Life of the World, is modeled after Harvard’s longer Advanced Leadership Institute where participants are required to write a paper setting forth an idea—and its implementation—that gives back to society.  As an example, one participant, the former CEO of Trader Joe’s, developed a significantly more efficient system of preventing food wastage, with a plan getting all grocery store food more directly to the poor.  Another example is that of an Orthodox man who created in addition to his main business, an online sales company of manufactured product that gives 100% of its profits to Orthodox charities. This is the kind of giving and collaboration this conference is designed to promote.

In addition to the cultivation of new and exciting ideas like these, this conference seeks to bond leaders like yourself to the Church and each other. Together, collaborating and sharing our God-given talents, it’s my assertion that we can do great things to bring the proper visibility the historic Church so rightly deserves.

Each of you has been hand-selected, after much prayer, because of your faithful commitment to Christ and His Church, as well as your faithful stewardship of the many resources, talents and blessings God has bestowed on you. It is my prayer that working together, we might see wonderful fruit from this effort.

With great gratitude that you have chosen to partner with us in this way.

Your brother in Christ,

Charles Ajalat
Co-Founder, Orthodox Vision Foundation

Conference Goals

“For the Life of the World OVF’s Advanced Leadership Initiative”

Orthodox Vision Foundation (“OVF”) is sponsoring a three day workshop, “For the Life of the World,” aimed at lay business and other professional leaders who are seeking to share their blessings and talent in the charitable sphere and someday transition from the profit to the non-profit world. They include leaders who want to set up their own not-for-profit charitable foundations and those who want to give ideas for, and critiques of, the creation of new ministries and new projects of existing ministries, as well as further develop skill sets in implementing such ministries and projects.

There are six hoped-for specific results for the attendees:

  1. To build their further leadership skills in the context of the Church;
  2. To help them someday transition from the profit to the non-profit world;
  3. To have outstanding Orthodox Christian executives and professionals get to know, network with, and bond, with their peers;
  4. To deepen their faith;
  5. To help the CEOs of the three Orthodox presenting charities further their future specific goals, through critiques; and
  6. To mentor the few younger leaders (aged 25-40) who will also be asked to participate.

Conference Dates: Sept. 21-24, 2017 (Thurs. p.m., Friday, Saturday, Sunday a.m.)

Location: New York City: St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary, 575 Scarsdale Rd., Yonkers, NY.

                   914-961-8313; Coordinator Robyn Hatrak x330;

Contact Conference Sponsor:

Hotel: Hampton Inn, located at 559 Tuckahoe Road, Yonkers. For Speakers your hotel reservation will be made – For Non-Speakers, please make your hotel reservations as soon as possible and no later than June 15 (telephone: 1-914-963-3200×604; Please ask for Lisa and use the code “OVF” for the discounted rate.

Required Donation:  Required Minimum $1000 Charitable Contribution to 1 of 12 Charities »

About Our Speakers & Participants

The Conference should be exciting. You’ll meet, get to know, and learn leadership and other skills from outstanding committed Orthodox CEOs, including the President & Chief Operating Officer of Chick-fil-A, Inc., the CEO of Kinder Morgan, one of North America’s largest energy infrastructure companies, and from one of the top 10 business bloggers in the U.S. You’ll learn strategic planning from the former President of an Exxon subsidiary who was previously in charge of Exxon strategic planning. You’ll learn about communications from the former head of Communications for Koch Industries, and fundraising from the former head of University of Minnesota’s Health Unit who headed up a $1.2 billion capital campaign.

You’ll learn about Orthodoxy and its role in the United States from outstanding professional seminary teachers, from a key bishop who headed an external affairs office in Washington D.C. for his church, from the Founding Chair(s) of an Orthodox School (a prominent professor at a major university), and the CEOs of three of Orthodoxy’s most prominent social action and education agencies. You’ll also see Orthodoxy’s first professional film, Becoming Truly Human and hear a brief introduction of the film directed toward millennials and “none’s”, from its director/star. (Contracts with distribution companies have been signed, one with a company who did Scorsese’s recent film, Silence, and one which may likely put the film on Netflix, Amazon, etc.) You’ll also hear from a panel of philanthropists about the spiritual benefits of acquiring a giving heart, and how a key businessman suggests transitioning from the profit to the non-profit world.

Meeting, getting to know, and learning from the other Orthodox participants in the conference will be equally exciting for the participants as it will be in getting to know and learn from the teachers. Space constraints prevents naming the characteristics of all of the participants but they include the chief administrative officer of a major investment firm (and former chief legal officer of many very prominent companies), the 29 year old founder and CEO of an early detection cancer start-up (which has procured $65 million of equity investment), key educators and church leaders, key philanthropists and philanthropic organizations,  an executive of a major golf club manufacturer, CEOs of equity capital firms, book publishers, a manufacturing firm, a real estate firm, a construction firm, media, marketing, and internet specialists, prominent lawyers (e.g. Covington & Burling and Sidley, Austin partners), and prominent doctors, engineers, and consultants.