The Orthodox Vision Foundation continues the nearly five decades of the philanthropic vision begun by Charles and Marilee Ajalat in 1971. As a newly married couple, Charles and Marilee were driven by an unshakable belief in the power that the Historic, Orthodox Christian Church has to transform people’s lives, and indeed the world. It was then that they committed to a lifelong pursuit to do what they could to implement that belief. The Orthodox Vision Foundation was created at the beginning of this century to formalize and maximize their ability to continue to scale that belief and create real impact on a national and international level.

Millions of dollars have been given to date. The number of charities who receive funds varies from year to year, ranging up to 60 charities, but the bulk of the funds often go to 5 or 10 pre-selected charities. Donees are all pre-selected and will be for the next few years, meaning presently no grant applications are taken.

OVF funds a broad range of issues and organizations that tackle everything from feeding and equipping the homeless and working poor, to spreading the Orthodox Church’s worldview, to church governance and policy issues, to ongoing education for our clergy and lay leaders, and launching new ministries.

Today, the Orthodox Vision Foundation is led by Charles & Marilee Ajalat as Co-Trustees in consultation with the Ajalat’s 7 children (including their spouses), with the same focus of awarding grants that will further the work of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church here in America.